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TEDx Hannover Salon: Geeks, nerds & introverts

Donnerstag, August 18, 2016  19:00   /   Donnerstag, August 18, 2016 

Adresse: Kulturzentrum Pavillon BI Raschplatz e.V., Lister Meile 4, 30161 Hannover, Karten-Hotline: 0511-2355550
Die internationale Diskussionsreihe in englischer Sprache

In a culture where being social and outgoing is celebrated, it can be difficult to be an introvert. We believe that although our culture undervalues introverts dramatically, they have made crucial contributions to societies worldwide. Why does the world seem to celebrate extroverts, and what might get lost by our assumption that quieter people have nothing worth saying? 
Introverts, geeks and nerds might have difficulties to face crowds of unknown people and, sometimes, even become victims of bullies. There are common pictures people have of “geeks”, but, in reality, they are open-minded and their culture extends across all entertainment areas, from general literature up to videogames. Why are some people introverted and others not? Why are some enthusiastically interested in technical gimmicks, software and computers, whereas the majority doesn´t share this passion? What does it mean to be considered as a “geek“, a “nerd” or a “introvert“? 
Let’s discuss what society can do to avoid discrimination. Is it possible that up to half of our population is rather introverted, or does this depend on the society we live in? How good are we to include different kinds of people in school, at work and in our society as a whole? 
Registration: http://www.meetup.com/tedxhannover